Choice Georgie

Anyone who’s talked to him knows that 26 month old George is quite a character. He’s really expressing himself lately, and we can understand a lot more of what he says. Here are a few recent amazing and funny interactions with George.

— Super Why —
We watched an episode of a new (to us) kids show on PBS. George sung along with part of the theme song and at one point in the show they ask the viewers to “Say your name”. George yelled out “CarterChloe” – the names of two older kids at his daycare. I guess we know where he’s been watching Super Why.

— That’s Cool —
I have as much fun with George’s electric Thomas the Train sets as he does. I recently built a tunnel tower out of Megablocks (more photos here) that allowed tracks to cross at a right angle. When George saw how it worked he very clearly said, “That’s cool Dad.” Oh, yeah, I’m cool.

— R —
George grabbed one of the foam alphabet letters (all upper case) in the bathtub and was holding it upside-down. I asked him what letter it is and he said, “R”. I said, “No” and told to him to turn it around. He turned it over and smiled and said, “J”, which was correct. Then he turned it back around and said, “R”. That’s when I realized the upside-down J looked like a lower case “r”. I had no idea he knew the lowercase letters!

— Messy —
George and his Mama were coloring together at his table. George was scribbling all over in the way a two year old does, and Lori was carefully coloring Percy the Train, but had a few stray marks from George moving the book. Lori finished and asked his what he thought of her train. George said, “That’s messy!”

— Shapes —
George was playing with a plastic shape sorter with his daycare provider. She asked him what shape each one was as it was inserted, but he kept saying seemingly random numbers. Afterwards she realized that he was reading numbers that were written inside of the shapes!

— Bork Bork —
I downloaded a few of the new high def Muppets Studios music videos so we can play them on the big TV. These are two of George’s favorites, along with what he calls them. It’s hilarious to hear him singing along with Beaker and Animal and to watch him head-banging to Queen.

Bork Bork


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