Annoying Downloads

Dear Autodesk,
You’re doing downloads wrong.

  1. The default installer for Autodesk Design Review – a “lightweight” program for viewing AutoCAD drawings – is a stub program that downloads a full version. Nobody likes these stub installers; they’re worthless. Really, what possible advantage do these stubs have over a full downloader? It’s very inconvenient for any offline or multi-system installations, and if you’re installing online to a single system, you download the same amount of program anyways.
  2. You make me use a separate Java app downloader to get an offline version of the Design Review installer instead of just using my browser’s default downloading capabilities. Your downloader is tuned to use as much bandwidth as possible with no option for decreasing the number of connections or download rate. The 15 other people using my T1 really don’t appreciate this.
  3. Come on, 766MB for a drawing viewer and markup tool?! This thing is bloated way out of proportion to its features.
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