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Kivy – Interactive Applications and Games in Python, 2nd Edition Review

I was recently asked by the author to review the second edition of “Kivy – Interactive Applications in Python” from Packt Publishing. I had difficulty recommending the first edition mostly due to the atrocious editing – or lack thereof – … Continue reading

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GRDevDay 2013 and My Kivy Talk

I was lucky enough to give a talk about Kivy – a multi-touch, cross-platform Python GUI and application framework – at GRDevDay 2013. Although my talk was the least-attended talk I went to all day, I enjoyed giving it and … Continue reading

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PyOhio 2012 Presentation – Python and Android

About a month ago I gave a talk titled “Python and Android: A descent into madness with Ben Rousch” at the PyOhio conference. I think the talk went really well, much better than the one I gave last year. There … Continue reading

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How to Create an Android App and APK on Android with Python

I’m a developer (among other things). I love Android, but I think Java is cumbersome and annoying. I want to create Android apps using Python. With the Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) I can create little scripts on the Android … Continue reading

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Video Editing on Linux at The Open Source Futures

I gave an hour and a half demo of video editing on Linux at the May Open Source Futures meeting in Lansing. I covered a little bit of FFMPEG and a lot of the OpenShot non-linear video editor. There were … Continue reading

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