PyOhio 2012 Presentation – Python and Android

About a month ago I gave a talk titled “Python and Android: A descent into madness with Ben Rousch” at the PyOhio conference. I think the talk went really well, much better than the one I gave last year. There was a good crowd and a few people asked me questions afterwards. Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to go into much depth on the topics, so I hope this blog post will help you to find more information about the topics I covered.

To start off, here are the slides from the talk. Most of the useful links are at the end of the slideshow, so I’ve extracted them here to save you some time:

Scripting Layer for Android Resources:

BotBrew Basil Resources:

Linux on Android Resources:

Next up is the video of the presentation. We had some audio problems about two minutes into the talk, but don’t fret, we stopped the talk until they were fixed and it’s all good at around six minutes in.

So now that you’ve watched the talk, you know it ends on a kind of a bummer. The good news is that just a few days later I figured out how to use AIDE and SL4A to create Android apps on Android with Python, and I wrote it up in this blog post.

In the coming weeks you can expect a blog post that goes more in depth with BotBrew. I’ve also been poking around with a few other Python on Android projects and will let you know what I find out.

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  • Ion

    I was able to install SL4A and Python on my Android phone. Any advice about building Numpy ? I tried to follow the “Build Python modules” from SL4A with no success.

    • brousch

      Sorry, I haven’t built any modules requiring C-extensions, and I can’t find anyone that has built numpy for Android.