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Kivy – Interactive Applications and Games in Python, 2nd Edition Review

I was recently asked by the author to review the second edition of “Kivy – Interactive Applications in Python” from Packt Publishing. I had difficulty recommending the first edition mostly due to the atrocious editing – or lack thereof – … Continue reading

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GRDevDay 2013 and My Kivy Talk

I was lucky enough to give a talk about Kivy – a multi-touch, cross-platform Python GUI and application framework – at GRDevDay 2013. Although my talk was the least-attended talk I went to all day, I enjoyed giving it and … Continue reading

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PyOhio 2012 Presentation – Python and Android

About a month ago I gave a talk titled “Python and Android: A descent into madness with Ben Rousch” at the PyOhio conference. I think the talk went really well, much better than the one I gave last year. There … Continue reading

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How to Create an Android App and APK on Android with Python

I’m a developer (among other things). I love Android, but I think Java is cumbersome and annoying. I want to create Android apps using Python. With the Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) I can create little scripts on the Android … Continue reading

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Remote User Group Meeting Participation

Remote participation in a meeting is one of those would-be-nice things that comes up with every user group. Most recently someone requested it via the GR Mobile Dev discussion list, which is what prompted me to finish this neglected blog … Continue reading

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