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The Allure of Allura at GRPUG

In the computer world, a decade is a long time. In the world of the Internet, it’s an eternity. So when plucky new code hosting and project management services like GitHub and BitBucket started eating them for lunch, SourceForge decided it … Continue reading

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Moving Back to WordPress

I’m moving my blog back to WordPress after a couple of years on BlogSpot. One reason I’m moving back is that my involvement with the Grand Rapids Web Development Group has revealed that WordPress is much more flexible and better … Continue reading

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GRPUG at The Garage in Zeeland – Recap

The Grand Rapids Python Users Group had the opportunity to meet outside of our usual academic location at Calvin College when the winsome Aaron Schaap of ElevatorUp invited us to partake of their coworking facility in Zeeland known as ‘The … Continue reading

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2010 Resolutions

So it’s a new year, and I have a few resolutions. Our health trainer at work gave us some S.M.A.R.T. guidelines to help us succeed with this sort of thing. Specific – “I will exercise for 3 hours/wk” as opposed … Continue reading

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GRPUG Meeting Summary 2/11/2009

We had six people in attendance.Since I neglected to line up a presentation or presenter, we continued hacking on the web site that we started at the last meeting. We’ve settled on using the Django framework and Google App Engine … Continue reading

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