Moving Back to WordPress

I’m moving my blog back to WordPress after a couple of years on BlogSpot. One reason I’m moving back is that my involvement with the Grand Rapids Web Development Group has revealed that WordPress is much more flexible and better looking than Blogspot. I’ll be able to more easily style my blog to my liking, and add I’ll be able to add a few simple features I’ve been pining for. There is a lot of WordPress support in the Grand Rapids area, so I’ll be able to find help when I need it. I’m also moving from the ambiguous Ishmilok to one of my favorite though mostly unused domains (ClusterBleep) with the hope that it will become the center of my online presence.

Stuffin' my face at the HTML5 Meeting of GrWebDev

Stuffin' my face at the HTML5 Meeting of GrWebDev

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging much lately is that I find BlogSpot annoying. The editor is annoying, the style is restrictive, and adding photos and videos is fiddly. I think this move to WordPress will alleviate some of my annoyances and I’ll get back into the happy blogging spirit. Along with my participation in many local user groups, I’ve also taken a leadership role in a few other organizations. I’d like to use this space to spread the word about these things more frequently and at greater length.

Hopefully I won’t create a big mess when I transfer my old posts. If I do, I apologize in advance. I’ll add this blog to the various planets I’m involved with after I have the old posts moved and a I have a few new ones up.

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