2010 Resolutions

So it’s a new year, and I have a few resolutions. Our health trainer at work gave us some S.M.A.R.T. guidelines to help us succeed with this sort of thing.

Specific – “I will exercise for 3 hours/wk” as opposed to “I will exercise more”
Measurable – “I will lose 3lbs/month” as opposed to “I will lose weight”
Attainable – Don’t try to do the impossible
Realistic – A reachable goal is more likely to be attained
Timely – A short term goal is better than a long term

With that in mind, here are my S.M.A.R.T. resolutions for 2010:

  1. Weight: Today, I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, ever. I need to lose 25-35lbs in total. I tire far too quickly, and my knees ache from the extra stress. My goal is to lose 3lbs every month, which certainly seems realistic. To attain this goal, I will take a two-pronged approach.
    1. Exercise: I will wake up early and use my Gazelle Freestyle for 30 minutes five days a week. This sounds simple, but it also means that I need to keep the computer room/office/guest room/exercise room clean enough to use the Gazelle.
    2. Diet: My main dietary problem is that my portions are too large. To correct this, I will cut my lunch and dinner portions by 25% compared to what I normally eat. I will also substitute my normal lunch with a Slim Fast Shake three times a week. I have had some success with both of these diets in the past.
  2. Be Less Evil: I’ve used an Apple MacBook as my main home computer for the last two years. I have previously converted to Linux, only to lazily wander back to Apple because it’s much easier to do video editing. Apple is an evil company, and Linux has everything I need, so I need to buckle down and get better at Cinellera. My goal is to migrate all of my locked-in data and be Apple free by the end of January, and to sell the Macbook by the end of February. I will also put together a video editing on Linux presentation for the GRLUG and/or WMLUG.
  3. Blog More: I come up with things to blog about several times a week (mostly new George skills, Python projects, and Linux tweaks), but I never get around to actually putting them on the computer. To rectify this, I resolve to blog at least every other day. I have also recombined by personal and technical blogs since I have found a lot of overlap in the things I want to post. If you are only interested in my technical posts, I suggest you subscribe only to the Linux and Python tags.

So there you have it. For me, 2010 will find me slimmer, more energetic, more freedom-loving, and more communicative. From my comfortable seat on the couch it seems so easy!

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    • whitemice

      All excellent goals; and pretty much the same as mine (except that I never drank the Apple flavored Kool-aid).

    • Ben Rousch

      The Apple Coolaid is tasty stuff, but it is made by evil monsters who survive by making me pay to live in their lavish dungeon.