Video Editing on Linux – Part 2

I recently gave part two of my Video Editing on Linux series at the 8/26/2010 West Michigan Linux Users Group meeting. In this presentation I talk about the many different editors available for Linux and give a demo of creating a video using Openshot.

I also recorded the presentation by using a nifty Linux script for screencasting, so you can actually watch and listen to it as it appeared on the screen. This was my first time trying to record a live presentation like this, so it’s pretty rough. I had to chop it up into three parts due to YouTube’s 15 minute limit, and some of the audience questions are impossible to hear. I’ll have to remember to repeat the questions so they can be picked up by the microphone next time.

If you were at the meeting, you’ll notice that I left out the little bit of fail I had at the end of the presentation. I tried to export the video to a file with the same name as one I used in the editing. It didn’t work out so well, so I left it out of the uploads both due to time constraints and to save myself some public embarrassment.

The videos are embedded below, but you’ll probably want to visit YouTube and view the high-def versions in full screen mode so you can see the them well.

Video Editing On Linux Part 2 – Screencast Part 1/3

Video Editing On Linux Part 2 – Screencast Part 2/3

Video Editing On Linux Part 2 – Screencast Part 3/3

You can find my slides and notes from Part 1 of this series in this previous blog post.

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