An Idea for Improving ArtPrize Voting

The Idea: Check in via mobile at each piece of art you visit

Most everyone agrees that the top 10 winners of ArtPrize 2011 are terrible. Why is this? I think it’s because the voting is so unrestricted. You can vote for anything and as many things as you want to. Heck, there’s no attempt to even determine whether you’ve actually seen the exhibit you’re voting for or against.

I think checking in at each exhibit would greatly improve the quality of voting at ArtPrize.

This could be accomplished by a few methods, from simple to more complicated:

  • Typed in code (can be abused by someone posting a list of all codes)
  • QRCode (can be abused by someone posting a pic of all QRCodes)
  • QRCode + GPS check
  • RFID (need special equipment)

Then you can do things like:

  • Your votes are weighted based on how many exhibits you actually visited
  • Give a maximum number of votes based on how many exhibits were visited (1 for every 10 exhibits)
  • Restrict voting only to exhibits you’d actually visited

This would give attendees:

  • A convenient list of the art they’d seen over the voting period (it’s hard to search site now)
  • A short list to help decide what to vote on (if restricted # of votes)

Statistics from this could be used to determine things like:

  • How big of an effect venue has
  • Whether the voting window is large enough for people to see everything

New types of prizes and games also become possible:

  • Souvenir or virtual badge for people who visit 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% of exhibits
  • Badge for people who visit all of a type of exhibit (paintings, sculpture, etc)
  • Badge for people who visited everything in a venue
  • Most raw votes (current)
  • Highest % of votes by visitors
  • Most visited exhibit
  • Most visited venue
  • Venue-specific prizes like:
    • Most votes at a venue
    • Highest % of votes at a venue
So what do you think? Feel free to chime in with your ideas and opinions below.
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  • Pretty slick ideas. I like the idea of checking in, maybe by venue then that unlocks voting ability for art featured there.

    But ultimately event organizers want to make it as accessible to folks of all tech skills, so may not be possible. But, the grand experiment continues, room for innovation etc.

  • steve poling

    I want someone to solve the “traveling artprize-voter” problem: Find the shortest circuit between where I’m now standing and all artprize entries I’ve not yet seen.

    I think the ArtPrize app should be modified to require GPS access and it should weight votes cast within the venue higher than those cast elsewhere.

    To accommodate all the whiners w/o smartphones, let’s put a voting kiosk in every venue. You’d be able to vote for anything at any venue, but votes would be weighted higher for entries in that venue.

    If every venue was required to have a wifi hotspot, you could use relatively cheap wifi tablets in voting kiosks. And voting kiosks could be reused for other events.

    I like the QR code idea. you could change the QR code each day. (but then cheaters could image and post the new QR images. That said, we needn’t have perfect security.)

  • Anonymous

    One more idea for an exhibit check-in: a pile of tear-off strips each having a unique key. The key identifies which exhibit it came from, which would allow voting at your leisure. Sort of like what they use in pop hottle tops.

  • Guest

    It won’t matter Ben, Jesus will always win.