Cyber Security and Digital Threats

Network security is the practices and technology a business puts in place to protect its IT infrastructure, including hardware, databases, and software, from security vulnerabilities and the attacks they might represent. It’s also the number one threat in businesses today.

An information security incident results in lost revenue, lost profits, lost productivity, and even compromised corporate network operations and security. Network security is vital in businesses using internet-based systems for product design, logistics, and financial management such as QuickBooks Desktop tools.

In other words, a security incident can destroy a company’s business and possibly its reputation.

We bring this danger into your everyday experience with Trustwave data breaches, and we can help turn your corporate security posture around. Our cyber experts have specialized experience with protecting critical infrastructures and threats like cyber criminals, and for over a decade have been safeguarding organizations from the highest-impact digital threats.

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What Happens When A Firewall Breaks?

Here’s a simple comparison:

If you lost a credit card to a hacker, a firewall breach might cause you to lose customers. It might destroy your business.

If a firewall breach affects your cloud environment, it can compromise your data center operations and IT security. It may damage your network’s ability to run services, disrupt access for your employees, and interrupt IT operations. It can lead to lost customers.

Security experts have predicted a worldwide cyber epidemic of more than 20 million breaches this year, causing damage and impact on a global scale.

When a company’s network security infrastructure is disrupted, customers could be affected in a wide range of ways. They could lose access to services, disrupt access for their employees, or have their work disrupted. They could have data lost, including both intellectual property and confidential data, and that’s why keeping the right network protection is essential, and you can get good resources for this at sites such as

Cyber criminals have demonstrated their ability to force a network into unexpected and adverse action, and companies now face the consequences. A significant amount of money is at stake and potential liabilities for your corporation.

Trustwave offers a range of protection services to help protect your company against cyber incidents that do or may impact your business.

This type of problem can occur anywhere in your IT environment, and it can happen quickly. The threat of a cyber breach is real, and that’s why you need to create security and privacy for your entire IT organization. A strong data governance allows authorized users to access the same data, erasing the danger of data silos within a company. IT, sales, and marketing teams work together, share data and sights, cross-pollinate knowledge, and save time and resources.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your business and prevent your company from being taken over by cyber criminals.

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All About Inbound Threats

Cyber criminals are looking for all the weaknesses and all the ways that you can be breached, and your organization has to know what are the most effective security measures you can employ.

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