Georgie the Teenager

Most mornings, I get up around 6AM, go to the bathroom, and put my contacts in. By the time I reach George’s room, he is standing in his crib grinning and talking, ready to start his day.

This morning, he was still stretched out on his stomach with his head buried under a blanket. He’d had a busy Labor Day weekend, and hadn’t gotten his usual naps, so I could see why he was still tired. So rubbed his back and talked to him to try to wake him up nicely. He kicked a little and pulled the blanket up over him. I asked him if he was ready to get up. He answered, “No, I still ni-night.”

I laughed and kept trying to wake him up nicely, and a little while later the little stinker told me, “Go way” (Go away). I asked him, “don’t you want to go to Nikki’s (his day care) today?” He was quiet for 5-10 seconds, then finally sat up and enthusiastically said, “Nikki!” I mentioned his daycare buddies Ryan and Chloe, and he was quickly ready to get going.

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