Georgie Skills Update

Here are a few things Georgie recently started doing:

Colors: He has a little book from the new day care and he can identify and pronounce several colors: white, black, red, and purple. He often misidentifies blue as purple, but that is understandable since the blue is kind of dark. Much as he used to fill in words he didn’t know with “bot”, he now fills in colors he doesn’t know with “dumb” (yellow, green, orange).

Body Parts: He can identify several of his own body parts by pointing at them: hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, arm, belly, leg, foot. He also identifies his hands and fingers by wiggling them, and his teeth by grinding them.

Music: He can whistle through a recorder, but not play the holes. He can drum on things and seems to be getting a little bit of the beat. He can play the harmonica similar to the recorder. He can play a small xylophone and is getting a little bit of non-randomness in the music. He sings small parts of songs he has heard often, and makes up short nonsense songs in the car.

Words: He can say a lot of words, and understands way too many to list. If you ask him to go get something, he probably will. We play a sort of Where’s Waldo game with a couple of his story books, and he can locate and identify just about anything on any of the pages (dog, bird, flower, ball, fish, shoe, hat, cookie, cup, door, giraffe, car). He often asks, “Wa sa” (what’s that) and points at something he can’t identify.

As an example of how active he is, Lori recently described a 15 minute timespan this morning after I left:

I am missing my sun glasses and my gray comb. Please don’t take out the trash yet until I have a chance to look. He was running around the house giggling and I caught him in the trash. He also took his shoes off and hid them under the couch, socks were in the toy box. Then he wanted me to chase him to put them back on. He was in a very good mood this morning and kept telling me to “stop it” as I tried to eat my breakfast. Then he tried to take my spoon.

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