George Update

I haven’t given an update on George’s skills lately, so here it goes.

This morning in the car he got bored and started reciting the ABC’s on his own. He said “A B C bot”, and then filled in “O” and “Z” when I helped him out. He likes to say, “bot” when he doesn’t know a letter or doesn’t want to say the letter for some reason. He can pronounce pretty much every letter if he tries.

He is getting pretty good at playing the harmonica. I bought it for him about 6 months ago after he started playing the recorder. He can’t get the fingers right on the recorder, so I thought the harmonica would be easier. However, he kept trying to play the end of the harmonica like the recorder, so he didn’t get the hang of it until recently. I will try to get some video, it really is funny and impressive.

He is walking very well, and running some too. He loves to swing on the normal swings, and always dives down the slides head-first. He can put a few Megablocks together, and has scribbled a few crayon drawings.

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