Vivid Tenancy Agreement

– Acquisition of units under contract/development commitment (including Golden Brick). Just a bad quality overpriced apartments!! The service is underrated and too expensive for quality. Worked: The double glazing does not last 3 years, because our condensation between the glazing of all our windows has every morning the heaters during the cold. I would like Trust Pilot to allow photos so I can show you all the mistakes my mom had. If you live in a 2nd floor apartment with someone upstairs in their own block (I say Owned block, because it`s just the Owned Flats that people have on the 3rd floor, in social blocks, they don`t have that discontent with the people above them, just a roof or a loft.) You will hear your tea/coffee running in the morning with each latch and rattle in the closet their water etc. as the second bedroom are under the kitchens on the 3rd floor. So the design is not a quality, you will also hear Downstairs cupboards get their cups and plates, etc., and when both WashingMachines are in place, stop turning them and hitting them through the ceiling and walls, which lacks soundproofing to say. VIVIDHomes know how to get the most out of private tenants and landlords for a little possible and not going out!! You are sarcastic and laid-back collaborators before you even get angry with them and start airing!! You will look for a deficit in the service if you need 50% of 3m more due to Covid, only if they are 1ce in two weeks instead of the week and low quality. (THEN SEND A GESTURE OF GOODWILL FOR A SERVICE THAT HAS NOT BEEN RENDERED DURING COVID-19. A £12.03 Good Will Gesture for 3Cleans in 6 weeks, if the service fee increases £125pm per year?!) We had a moldy smell in our block for 6m more on the ground floor, where we had mold, which was already there in 2018-19, which was not treated, but only cleaned, and it was after 6m and hundreds of photos. The condensation on the ground floor Hall Path is like a rainforest apart in the morning, the cleaner comes and tickets only for the return in the evening, the mold will come back (It is either the inhabitants or cleaners that it covers with airfreshner, but then it is just a combination of odors). Still waiting for the water intrusion on the previous floor, which has been waiting since 2019, and the scaffolding was done there for months without anyone and with nothing. They refuse to recommend the salt trail to salt paths, is not suggestively not mandatory to do so after residents` meetings.

Resident meetings are only for pacification, not really doing anything, since EVERYTHING is proposed, is considered only suggestive and not mandatory, so not done, nor in fact serve any purpose other than for VIVIDHomes Ltd, to prove that they show the face and say that they have “listened”. Advice to my mom to contact each other via email for any questions and their email is blocked is always at PostMaster….

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