University Of Arizona Housing License Agreement

The accommodation contract you have signed is valid for the academic year. Please read your license agreement for factors and penalties and contact Housing & Residential Life for more information. All residences close during the winter holidays (between the autumn semester and the spring semester), with the exception of those planned for the winter holidays. The winter holiday apartment is for students who have to live in their room during the break. All students can leave their belongings in their room upon their return for the spring semester. If you need a winter break, activate “Yes” on your housing application. University Housing OfficeHassayampa Academic Village, Building F (Mesquite Hall), 2nd Floor Phone: 480-965-3515 Fax: 480-965-1534 E-mail: A joint housing agreement identifies issues that frequently arise among roommates and outlines specific understandings of cohabitation. The agreement also helps you determine how you want to solve these problems. It is a useful tool that helps you get to know your roommate better and set mutual expectations. The agreement promotes communication, persuasiveness and compromises essential to the success of cohabitation relationships. It is important to be very detailed in the discussion on issues related to the colocation agreement and to document the discussion accurately for all parties involved.

Download the common accommodation agreements for shared accommodation, shared bathroom or common area (student accommodation). Below is a brief overview of our processes. You can find more information on your My UAHome student residence portal. In rare cases, after moving to a campus, a student encounters an extreme, unpredictable and uncontrollable problem that interferes with their ability to continue living on campuses and for which Housing & Residential Life is unable to offer a reasonable solution/alternative within the campus residential facilities. The nature of these problems is usually medical, psychological and/or financial. To accommodate as many students as possible this fall, we welcome more students than our capacity and accommodate them in temporary spaces. We know that students will leave the campus apartment in the first few months of school (for many reasons), which opens up a permanent space for our temporary students. As soon as we are satisfied, we will go on a waiting list.

Students who put themselves on the waiting list are encouraged to continue looking for accommodation off campus, as we generally do not take students back from the waiting list much, if at all. If the beds open, we will contact you via your Email from Arizona. As described in Section 10 of the Undergraduate Housing License Agreement, you will only be exempt from the rental requirement for the academic year in the following circumstances (DO NOT apply if you are evicted/removed from the campus apartment for behavioral reasons): an application for a License Agreement (LAR) is required by any student who wishes to be exempted from their agreement before the end of the academic year. Before obtaining a confirmed residency allowance, all accredited students under the age of 18 must upload and submit a license agreement signed by a parent or legal guardian. In order to ensure correct treatment and efficiency in the residential process, we advise you to download this form as soon as possible in your application on My ASU Housing. If you have any difficulties, please contact the university housing office. Student Assistance, Dean of Students (520) 621-7057We 2nd FloorAppointments available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm UA Campus Health CAPS (Counseling and Psych Services) (520) 621-3334Campus Health, Second FloorWalk-in Services available Monday-Friday from 1pm to 4pmAll services are confidential You are expected to be the Agreement of roommate with your roommate or roommate in the first weeks of the semester.. . .

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