Standard Length Of Listing Agreement

While a one-year reference period may seem like a long time, it could be the norm for your specific market. This could apply to homes that are expensive, unique or on a large lot. It also applies to holiday homes, villas or even private islands that need a lot of marketing time to find the right buyer. A good real estate agent will not agree to spend money to market real estate like this unless they have enough time to make the sale. A reference period of 30 days is not advisable when the real estate market near you is in decline, as no broker will agree. Listing 90 daysThe most popular term is 90-day listing. This is appropriate during a normal real estate market. The length isn`t too short for a real estate agent to find a buyer with the right deal for your home, and it`s not long enough for a buyer to feel impatient for the condition of your entrance. If your home has the right price, it is possible to find a serious buyer in 30 to 60 days. In order to increase your chances of selling your home before the 3-month period expires, you can ask your broker to make suggestions on how to increase the attractiveness of the curb and improve the overall condition of your property.

180-day offerIn addition to a real estate slowdown, you should consider a longer listing period…

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