Simple Music License Agreement Template

As a musician, you own songs that you write and recordings that you produce. This property is usually called copyright: that is, artists own the copyright in the works they create: songs, paintings, poems, photographs, novels, etc. If you own the copyright, it means that no one else can reproduce your work without your permission. If they do, they commit what`s called a violation, which means they`re using your work illegally and can be sanctioned with legal sanctions such as fines. We assume you`re either a filmmaker or a lyricist. The draft agreement we provide in this kit is suitable for both parties and is not focused on the interests of the filmmaker or songwriter. The following music license agreement was designed for a filmmaker who wanted to use his friend`s music in his video project. To avoid copyright issues, the filmmaker understood that he needed documents showing that he had the rights to use the music. A standard music licensing agreement is important when a filmmaker wants to publish the video on Youtube or Vimeo, capture the video at a film festival, or allow the finished video. The filmmaker may not modify the original text or the fundamental character of the music of the compositions without the prior written permission of the licensor. Professional songwriters often sign with a music publishing house (such as the Harry Fox Agency) or create their own music publisher to manage songs and copyrights. One can imagine a music publishing house similar to a publishing house: it takes care of the songwriter`s rights, sells licenses, collects money and distributes royalties.

(We will be releasing a legal kit of music videos in the near future.) If you save on a music license agreement, you may get into trouble. Most music is protected by copyright and if you want to use a melody in a multimedia production, you must abide by the rules. Every musician has heard of artists who have lost control of their rights while their songs continue to be played.

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