Convertible Debenture Subscription Agreement

To stage the scene, we wanted to quickly address some of the things to consider in the decision between a structured cycle of convertible bonds (using a convertible loan), a convertible share round (with ASA, a simple agreement for the future capital cycle (SAFE) and a share price cycle (using a term sheet, a letter of subscription or agreement). For example, amended articles of association, etc.). Sometimes the subordination of the debt (see above) is done in an autonomous agreement. This most often happens when new debts are added after the subordinated debt is already in place – for example, when there is an ongoing cycle of converted debt and a revolving line of credit is added by a bank and the parties enter into a new agreement to clarify that the old debts are subordinated to the new debt. The raising of funds by issuing convertible bonds can be used either by a contract for the subscription of convertible bonds or by a convertible debt instrument. If a company has one (or very few) investors subscribing to the note, a convertible bond subscription agreement can be used. Without prejudice to FUND`s right to require early repayment of the bonds in the following cases, FUND reserves the right to accept or reject a request for early repayment of the entity or part thereof. from the day of the delay until the date on which the interest payment/withdrawal is paid. PROVIDED THAT IT IS AGREED UPON HEREIN AND DECLARES THAT all interest incurred on outstanding bonds or any part thereof that is not currently paid, as well as any other money due in connection with such donations, if not paid on the days they arrived and payable, includes compound interest interest in an amount equal to ___%/a. calculated from the dates of such interest, and other interest that is payable after such gifts, but which is not paid, is payable on a compound interest basis, with pensions being taken or taken quarterly on the dates indicated above. .

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