Citrix Appliance Evaluation Agreement

2.6 Evaluation License. This section only applies if you grant the product for an initial evaluation period. The license is only valid for the specified evaluation period and must allow you to test the product during that period. If you wish to enter into a longer-term license agreement with Check Point, you may request from Check Point a license key that, when made available to you, will allow you to use the product after such an evaluation period, but only subject to all the terms of this agreement. If you decide not to enter into a license transaction with Check Point at the end of this evaluation period or if Check Point informs you that discussions regarding a license transaction have ended, your rights will expire and you must immediately return to Check Point or destroy all copies of the product. 8.1 License Grant. With respect to any pre-release version of a Check Point Product, including a beta or early availability product (all in summary, “Beta Product”) that may be provided to you from time to time by Check Point, Check Point grants you, at its discretion, a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the Beta Product solely for evaluation purposes. The license has been designed to provide you with an early operation experience of the beta product and provide specific information about your experience installing and operating the beta product. The certificate is valid for a limited period set by Check Point and certain other restrictions may apply. You may be asked to sign a separate agreement for the beta product. “License Key” means the code provided to you by Check Point that allows the product to run on the licensed server or appliance for the licensed configuration. Other NetScaler licenses: These licenses include internal, partner use, DEMO, EVALUATION, or VPX.

You must assign these licenses to the host ID of the appliance. Partial CSS coverage within a product line* is not allowed. If the customer has licenses that are no longer in use, the customer has the option to include these licenses permanently to exclude them from the pool of licenses for which CSS is acquired. License transfers to new or existing ORG identifiers for the purpose of avoiding all-in-law are not permitted. A customer is not allowed to extend the benefits of CSS to licenses that do not have an active CSS agreement. NetScaler license files and editions must be installed on the specified appliance (or virtual machine). . . .

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