Accountability Agreement Example

Performance agreements are an excellent complement to a performance management system. They improve the accountability of both workers and managers and see clear expectations for employees to take responsibility for their own performance. This is about using performance agreements to correct people`s behavior. Essentially, we rebalance the benefits of using performance agreements to steer people towards the desired goals, with the cumbersome management needed to establish and manage them, and we propose that they be used only in the most important situations. However, in certain circumstances (perhaps in high-risk situations or if a lot of unsusered work is required), it may be worthwhile to enter into performance agreements with all members of your team. If you`re thinking about doing this, make sure your team members are familiar with the approach and make sure you don`t rely exclusively on them to manage performance. Everyone needs a good level of trust, respect and communication from their boss! If the person who needs to hold you accountable must have certain skills, these must be called to make sure they can really help you. An example is that if your result is to make a 2-year financial forecast for your business, but the person asking you to account is a computer programmer, then they are unlikely to have the skills to help you succeed. Follow these steps to reach an effective performance agreement for your employees: this is similar to expectations.

The main difference is that expectations expose the broad convergence you have. In the Commitments section, you give yourself explicit commitments about what you are going to do. Performance agreements are one-way. If you simply dictate what the person is going to do, you may be disappointed with the result. If goals are agreed together, you`re more likely to see progress. Take the time to develop goals together and be prepared to discuss the “why” in detail. It`s a common process – it needs the acceptance of both parties for it to work. One of the big parts of creating a self-contract is that it`s easier to solve the problems you face when you commit to your agreement.

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