Vocus Service Level Agreement

You also need a router to connect NTD to your local network. You can use your own router if it is compatible with our service, but that means you are responsible for setting up and managing the router. Telair can also provide a licensed router that we can set up for you. We offer both our managed and self-administered services with powerful Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and even stronger infrastructure. Remote services are available 24 hours a day. Local employees can help restart servers, wiring, hardware debugging and other basic tasks. Remote services are billed in 30-minute blocks, with emergency work billed at $250 per hour. Our general archiving terms may apply to you depending on when you signed up and the brand you signed up for. Our customers can help you if you`re not sure what CS you`re connected to. Legal documents relating to the services offered byodo, iPrimus and Engin are available on their websites.

Telair`s Vocus Fibre will take you to new heights with superfast data speeds and running times. GenNet uses Vocus`IP WAN, a large, easy-to-manage network that connects more than your employees; It also converges key ICT services, such as the Internet and Cloud Connect. Telair`s Premium Vocus Fibre Services Ethernet have an uptime commitment of 99.95%. This means that we make sure that the service will be a percentage of the time. If we do not reach this level for a given month, we will compensate you. Please note that planned network maintenance is not included in this obligation. . . .

Most small roommate packages are set up within 24 hours. Half or full racks can last up to 72 hours, but please refer to current peak times. If you have an urgent need for Roommates, talk to us – we can speed up the setup process so you`re ready for use in less than an hour. . Supplier contract for goods and services (valid from 04.05.2018) . . . Access to the data center is included in all colocation packages.

For 1-10U packages, customers should contact the Intergrid service desk at least 15 minutes before arrival. For semi-and whole customers receive permanent wiper cards that give access to 24×7 without contacting the Service Desk. These are the archived versions of Vocus` legal documentation. Service Level Agreement – SIP, IP WAN and Ethernet Multipoint (valid until 26/04/2016) . With IP WAN, you can easily add other Vocus products, such as . B a connection to public or private clouds or sip Trunks. . .

. Unified Communications Service Schedule – Only Australia Direct (From 06.07.2020) You can see on our dedicated management portal how your entire WAN works, which provides aggregate metrics such as speed, availability and connection speed.

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