Nhs Data Sharing Agreement Template Gdpr

As part of the Primary Care Network Documentation Series (“NCP”), NHS England and GPC England have now published a data-sharing contract (“Agreement”) and related instructions: you can view the instructions here. Any agreement on the systematic exchange of information between different processing managers must be registered in the format of an information exchange agreement, whether or not there is a comprehensive declaration of intent. The agreement is only a proposal and not mandatory. Unfortunately, one size doesn`t suit everyone when it comes to PCN settings. While it is useful to have a model document so that NCPs do not have to develop their own contract, as outlined in the guide, the model does not replace legal advice. There are some legal issues that NCP members must address before an agreement on data exchange is reached and signed, including: An information exchange agreement defines common decisions on the more contextual aspects of sharing. If there is a comprehensive agreement between the parties on certain sections, it is best to avoid repetitions, which facilitates future revisions. The main decisions dealt with in the information exchange agreement are:

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