Learning Agreement Erasmus Ugr

An Erasmus student is a student who comes to UGR to study with us for a semester or a whole academic year as part of a bilateral agreement between the faculty/school of his home university and the faculty/school of the University of Granada. For students (Erasmus, bilateral exchange/agreements and free movement programmes), it is highly recommended to have an English level of isch-B1. In some Erasmus agreements such as us, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation stipulate it as mandatory. For more information, please contact the relevant faculty: sl.ugr.es/00pF) For master`s students (Erasmus, bilateral exchange/agreements and free mobility programmes), it is recommended to have a B2 level in Spanish and it is mandatory to have an official language certificate of at least one level B1 for programs whose language of instruction is Spanish. 2. Contact with the department and agreement with the basic conditions of the internship.00 You must email your proposal to the office or unit concerned and include the full name, the institution of origin, the country of origin and the program or agreement where you wish to complete your internship. Please indicate the forecast dates for your mobility period. Please also explain your motivation and expectations for your internship. We recommend a short resume that covers your knowledge and skills. 5. When you receive your acceptance letter, you can request the documents in the agreement, program or call for signature.

With more than 800 active mobility agreements maintained with universities and universities around the world, UGR`s global influence continues to thrive. This type of bilateral agreement is signed with universities in EU member states and associated countries. 1. Find the best place to do your internship /stage (a department focused on the content of your degree). On UGR websites: www.ugr.es/ and www.ugr.university/ you can see all the activities and work opportunities in any office and service and find email addresses for contacts. To be Erasmus at UGR, the head of international relations at the university of origin must send a nomination of the students selected to participate in the Erasmus exchange programme to the Erasmus coordinator of the faculty/school of the UGR. But UGR not only offers diversity in terms of mobility, it offers unmatched quality in terms of support and services offered, which is why we were awarded the Erasmus Gold Star in 2007. It is precisely for this reason that we send more students abroad than any other European university. In addition, we receive more international Erasmus students than any other European university. Important information for master mobility candidates: Please note that courses registered on the online application portal are the only ones to be offered on the master`s degree for which you applied.

You will need to check the master`s website to ensure that the course schedules for each course you wish to enrol for correspond to your mobility time at UGR. For questions about master`s degrees or questions about UGR doctoral programs, please contact the International School for Postgraduate Studies in epinternacional@ugr.es. To learn more about mobility and exchange opportunities at UGR, please visit: In addition, you must send us the declaration of responsibility as a participant in the international mobility programs of the University of Granada, which has been duly signed: internacional.ugr.es/pages/movilidad/estudiantes/entrantes/international-placements-at-ugr/inscripcionestinternacionalin_placements .

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